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What is a Pre-nuptial Agreement?

A Pre-nuptial Agreement in the UK is a written Agreement entered into by two people before marriage. The Pre-nuptial Agreement sets out to the Court how assets would be separated should the marriage end in a divorce. A Pre-nuptial Agreement can help you avoid any unpleasant experiences on money and assets if the marriage does break down and end up in a divorce.

Are Pre-nuptial Agreements legally binding in the UK?

A Pre-nuptial Agreement, although are not formally legally binding in the UK, however, by the Landmark Ruling in the Case of Radmacher vs Granatino (2010) has given in the Family Courts more authority for pre-nuptial agreements.

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Are Pre-nuptial Agreements enforceable according to dispute and resolution solicitors in UK?

Pre-nuptial Agreements are not enforceable in UK Courts, however, recent case law has shown that judges are prepared to consider these and give them substantial weight if they are satisfied that a certain criteria is met.

What can a Pre-nuptial Agreement include?

The Pre-nuptial Agreement can include any assets that you wish to mention. An example is as below:-

  • Personal belongings.
  • Pensions.
  • Property.
  • Savings.

The above list is an example only and can include further assets.

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