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With general support from the farming industry the Act is now passed although a lot of the devil is in the detail which, as is often the case with modern legislation, is yet to be announced.

Coupled with this is the doubt caused by Brexit (remember that!) and what deals agriculture is going to end up with. Lack of provision for Foreign Workers especially for the Horticulture sector. It is the first major legislation for the Industry for many years (not counting tenancy provisions).

After years of inefficient and overly bureaucratic policy dictated to farmers by the EU. The purpose of the Act is to empower farmers and land manager and will be rewarded for their good work.and make sure that we can reward them properly for the good work that they do.

We know the current Basic Payment Scheme, which is largely based on total land area which tends to benefit large land owners rather than specific farming activity, which is being phased out and starting next year, farmers will have a seven year transition period to adapt to a new agricultural system with further details to be announced in late November.

Farmers and land managers in England will be rewarded in the future with public money for “public goods” – such as better air and water quality, thriving wildlife, soil health, or measures to reduce flooding and tackle the effects of climate change, under the Environmental Land Management scheme. These incentives will provide a powerful vehicle for achieving the goals of the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan and their commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

At the same time, the Bill includes measures designed to support farmers and land managers to boost their productivity, and ultimately maximise the potential of our land to produce high quality food in a more sustainable way.

In order to spend more of the annual budget for agriculture on boosting productivity and environmental benefits, Direct Payments will be phased out over an agricultural transition period, starting with the 2021 Basic Payment Scheme year and running until the end of 2027. This annual budget for maximise the potential of our land to produce high quality food in a more sustainable way.

As I’ve said above more details to follow, some quite soon.

A lot of thought will need to be given as to the way to proceed that will be best for you.

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