Wills at affordable fees

Wills, Deeds of Trust and Probate

Wills are things that are only too easily put off and thought needs to be given to make sure you are being fair to your family. We can help you. Making a will can cost from as little as £200 (plus VAT). Little cost for the heartache it can save.


HB 121 Solicitors can also help you with Powers of Attorney, Advice for the Elderly and related matters.


We can also help you with Probate applications. An application for a Grant can start from only £700 (plus VAT) where no tax is due and there are only a few assets. We can quote you for more complex matters. In addition, there will be payable any Court Fees and other disbursements (payments we have to make on your behalf). If any property needs transferring then we can deal with that for you.

We offer legal services related to Property Litigation & Conveyancing, Civil Litigation, Wills and Probate, Family law and divorce

For a detailed quotation, please contact HB 121 Solicitors on 01562 702655 or email us at info@hb121solicitors.co.uk