Civil litigation is the method of resolving disputes or claims. Generally, such matters fall into two main categories

  • One is based on contract being an agreement between two or more parties
  • The other is based on a civil wrong (Tort Law) which is caused by one party to another either deliberately or negligently.
  • Dispute Resolution Solicitors

    We have a team which handles a wide range of contentious issues. At HB 121 Solicitors we are always committed to working in the best interests of our clients and involving them fully. We aim to resolve disputes quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

    Some disputes can be resolved through other methods such as mediation and arbitration. These methods tend to be quicker, cost effective and less formal than going to Court.

    Effective Dispute Resolution

    Where it is impossible to resolve matters without turning to Court, our team of dispute resolution lawyers will provide a robust and thorough presentation of our clients’ cases.

    Experienced Litigation Solicitors

    We will provide a high-quality service and we are always client-focussed, and we will listen to you. We pride ourselves on being approachable and we maintain regular communication with our clients to ensure that they are kept informed about the progress of their case. Reach out to our team of litigation solicitors.

    We can provide experienced legal support in areas such as

    • Contractual disputes to include goods and services
    • Debt collection
    • Landlord Disputes
    • Landlord and tenant claims
    • Property disputes
    • Contentious employment

    Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Stourport-on-severn Worcestershire

    Being involved in a dispute can be highly stressful and time-consuming. Our team of specialist dispute resolution solicitors is highly experienced in resolving a wide range of complex dispute related matters. We help our client with effective advice to resolve disputes to deliver efficiently.

    We have a team of experienced Property Litigation & Conveyancing Solicitors, Wills and Probate Solicitors, and Family Law and Divorce Lawyers in the UK

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