Wills – COVID 19


Covid-19 has certainly challenged and changed the way in which we live our lives day to day.

It is important to discuss Wills with a solicitor, as fear about what the future may bring can sometimes lead to people making quick decisions. At HB 121 Solicitors we would in usual circumstances recommend having a discussion with one of our experts who can help to highlight those issues, which need to be considered and which are based on personal circumstances of an individual’s estate.


In the past, we have relied upon face to face meetings for the taking of initial instructions, and two witnesses to put the document in place at the end of the process. However, with the current Government guidelines, this has become challenging.

Despite the restrictions, it is not impossible to put your affairs in order. At HB 121 solicitors, we are committed to helping you in this difficult time. Therefore, we are able to take all instructions over the telephone or by draft documents via email or posted to us.

We can arrange for the Wills to be signed whilst we would recommend arranging for a witness through a door or window whilst sticking to the 2m social distancing rules and we would recommend further precautions can be made by washing your hands before and after and using your own pen.

We know that times are challenging and we have taken the current situation into account with our costs. For a straight forward Will our costs start from:

  • £200.00 inclusive for a Single Will.
  • £300.00 inclusive for a Couple.

If you would like any further information or advice about the issues we have mentioned, please call our Wills and Probate department on 01562 702655 or please email us on info@hb121solicitors.co.uk.

Landlord and Tenant – COVID 19

Landlords and tenants are raising a number of queries following the spread of COVID-19.

The government announced measures, in March to protect commercial tenants that cannot pay their rent because of COVID-19, from eviction as a short-term measure.

If you are a commercial tenant or landlord and would like advice on the following:

  • Notices seeking possession during Covid-19
  • Court action on possession cases during Covid-19.
  • Health and Safety obligations and property access relating to Covid-19

Please get in touch with our property law team on 01562 702 655 or email HB 121 solicitors on info@hb121solicitors.co.uk and we will be able to assist you.