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Co-habitation Agreements

At HB 121 Solicitors our Family Law Solicitors at Kidderminster can advise you.

A Co-habitation Agreement can assist you as it will protect you and also your partners legal rights and obligations.

There may be some advantages and disadvantages in having a Co-habitation Agreement.

To speak to a Family Lawyer in Kidderminster or a Family Lawyer in Stourport on Severn please contact us on 01562 702655 (Kidderminster) or 01299 848944 (Stourport on Severn).

Co-habitation Agreements are legal biding, however, this would depend on whether they have been drafted and executed properly as a Deed. Co-habitation Agreements are suitable for:-

  • Unmarried couples.
  • Those not in a civil partnership.
  • Married heterosexual or same gender couple.

A Co-habitation Agreement can provide security for both partners. The Co-habitation Agreement can cover the following:-

  • As to how assets and property will be addressed.
  • Responsibilities regarding children and support payments will be dealt with.
  • If the relationship between the Co-habitants end this could be by way of separation or a death.

If you are considering moving in with your partner, Co-habitation Agreement is recommended. Not only will it protect your current and future property, it can set out or waive your rights to support.

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