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What is the difference between buying a Freehold and a Leasehold house?

At HB 121 Solicitors, Property Solicitors can advise you on the difference between a freehold house and leasehold house.

A few of the differences between purchasing a leasehold house, or freehold house is as follows:-

If you were to purchase a freehold house:-

  • Owning a freehold property means you are not required to pay any ground rent as you will own the ground the property sits on (unless stated otherwise in your title).
  • With a freehold property, as you will own it outright any renovation work you wish to carry out will need to be inside with, for example the Local Authority (if necessary). You may also need to check your title as to whether anymore relevant consents are required or there are any restrictions in your title.

If you were to purchase a leasehold house:-

  • By purchasing leasehold house, what this will mean in effect will be that you will own the house for a period of time which will be stipulated in your Lease and you will not own the land it stands on. This will be owned by the freeholder/Landlord. Any renovation plans you may wish to do can be affected as it is a leasehold house.
  • Most Leasehold properties require you to pay service charges/ground rent.
  • With a Leasehold home you will need to communicate with the Landlord/freeholder about important issues.

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