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Well it didn’t take long for the Government to carry out another re-think and revise its thoughts on the controversial planning reforms. This follows a load of criticism from back bench Conservative MPs and a lot of time spent by interested parties (of which there are many on both sides) in going through the proposals. Many of these were, and are, volunteers in community groups who put in their time on an unpaid basis shortly after putting in a lot of time in formulating Neighbourhood Plans (which would have been made more or less redundant under the proposals.

Maybe it would be just as well if the government spent more time thinking about consequences and upsetting a whole swathe of people that it asks to do unpaid jobs, often at (unnecessarily) short notice in the future.

Another algorithm ( you would expect the government to be a bit more careful using algorithms after the exam fiasco earlier in the year!) is put forward to help decide where to put new houses required to meet the Government’s aim to deliver more homes.

But some said the "mutant algorithm" will fail to "level up" the North and see the South "concreted over".

Critics of the proposal include former Prime Minister Theresa May who said the new formula "does not guarantee a single extra home being built".

Revised plans are expected to be announced over the next few weeks.

The new formula was proposed as part of wider government planning reforms.

They include a target to build 300,000 new homes across England each year by the mid-2020s, with the formula providing a rough estimate to local councils on how many need to be built in their communities. Property litigation Solicitors in the UK can be further helpful to understand legalities.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said local authorities would then be expected to come forward with potential sites for new buildings - taking into account constraints, such as areas protected by the green belt.

While the 300,000 target remains "undiminished", it is understood the government has listened to the feedback of critical MPs and ministers are now looking to "rebalance" the formula.

Also of note for us in the West Midlands is that sources from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have also confirmed the department is looking to move a "proportion" of its operations to the West Midlands, with Wolverhampton understood to be the preferred location.

This would involve moving ministerial offices and senior officials, although ministers would still spend time in Westminster.

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