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At HB 121 Solicitors our highly experienced property solicitors can provide advice on the options available to you and discuss which are the most suitable for your specific situation.

Remortgaging your home can be a difficult decision, when seeking legal assistance make sure that you make the right decisions and choose the option that is suitable to you.

What is Remortgaging?

Remortgaging is the process of changing a home loan from one product to another. The reason that most people do this is so they can save money on their mortgage repayments. Families and individuals may wish to do this by choosing to change from a deal with lower rates than they are currently paying.

Procedure for Remortgaging

The process of remortgaging your existing property is as follows:

  1. You decide to remortgage your existing property
  2. We will request and gather some initial details from you so that we can progress with the remortgage as swiftly as possible.
  3. We will obtain title deeds and any other relevant documents from your existing mortgage lender.
  4. We will obtain official copies from the Lad Registry if the property is registered.
  5. The new lender will then carry out a valuation. Once satisfied, they will send you a mortgage offer.
  6. We will also receive a copy of the mortgage offer together with instructions to act on behalf of the lender.
  7. All relevant searches and investigations.
  8. We will then Report to you on the searches and mortgage offer.
  9. We will require your signature on the mortgage deed.
  10. We will contact any occupiers who also may need to part mortgage deed.
  11. We will obtain a redemption figure on your existing mortgage.

We will thereafter submit a report to your new lender confirming that all is in order and request the monies from the lender.

Once we have received the mortgage monies, we will pay off your existing mortgage and pay any remaining money immediately to you.

The final stage will be that we will register your new mortgage at HM Land Registry.

If you require any assistance with the above or advice please contact us.

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