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Stamp Duty Deadline June 2021

Well, a relief for all conveyancers, countrywide property solicitors and locally for property solicitors in Kidderminster and property solicitors in Stourport on Severn (and estate agents, lenders, brokers and all involved in these transactions).

We’ve all being trying to get many more than normal transactions through by 30th June - the end of the stamp duty land tax holiday and specialist local conveyancing solicitors have been bearing the brunt. Although it continues at a reduced rate until 30th September and it has really made a difference - many thousands of pounds can have been saved for private individuals buying their next replacement home.

But with cooperation and goodwill we have got most transactions through. There have been headaches though - trying to get through on the telephone (still often the best way if you’re trying to sort out a problem) to some other solicitors or banks or lenders has been a real problem. Post is not always reliable during the pandemic and you can’t just ask someone to “nip in” as you used to during these socially distant times.

Some countrywide solicitors (more than local) insistence on having every question answered- even when not really relevant and a proper look at documents already supplied or the application of a little common sense would deal with the query and would save so much frustration amongst conveyancing solicitors.

Of course clients have been frustrated too. It should never be thought that Conveyancing solicitors in the UK do not recognise or appreciate this. If you are waiting for the other side to come back to them in the short term (and sometimes in the longer term) there’s not much you can do about it – keep chasing doesn’t always work and can even be counterproductive. It also stops you doing other things either for the same client or others. When I first started in the profession prioritising was a far less important talent than it now is.

Ridiculous waiting times when trying to check what is happening with banks or other links doesn’t help. Having to wait an hour when trying to speak to a bank doesn’t really help. Then being told they have unusual pressures owing to the pandemic (surely being aware that they’ve just caused pressure in themselves).

Too much reliance on technology can cause problems too. Lender Exchange, a platform through which many lenders have to be contacted, went down the other day, for instance.

Nevertheless we got almost all transactions through, sometimes at a speed that would be very good even in normal times. Well done to all my cooperative and contactable professional colleagues and especially those at

Our offices at Kidderminster and Stourport-On-Severn who I know have been all those things.

At the end of the day everyone benefits and especially the clients.

Don’t forget there will be another deadline at the end of September- we can’t guarantee that every transaction will beat that but we can guarantee that you can rely on us as your local conveyancing solicitor in Kidderminster and local conveyancing solicitor in Stourport on Severn (but covering wider areas) to do our absolute best.

So for us to be able to assist you in your transaction whether it be a sale, a purchase or, occasionally a related transaction then contact experienced conveyancing solicitors such as HB 121 Solicitors Kidderminster and Stourport who will help you and all aspects of your transaction.

Look for us on www.hb121solicitors.co.uk or call us on 01562 702655 or 01299 848944.


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