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Can I still instruct a Solicitor to make my Will?

Yes, we are able to take instructions over the telephone, email or video call. Wills and probate Solicitors at our firm will be able to discuss your requirements and provide advice on matters such as Inheritance Tax, property held jointly, trusts and claims against your estate, these are just a few areas we can cover in the UK.

The Covid- 19 pandemic in the UK has had clients now considering making wills where they do not have anything in place or revising Wills. As long as we can establish there are no issues with mental capacity and undue influence, we can assist in producing a document that suits your needs and meets your requirements.

How can my Will be witnessed?

A Will needs to be signed in the presence of two independent witnesses who must be present at the same time.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the Government guidelines in place on social distancing some clients are able to ask neighbours to watch through a window whilst they sign their Wills and then pass these onto the neighbours to sign as witnesses. Please note that whilst the Wills are signed, it is important that both you and your witnesses can see each other when adding your signatures as any deviation from this can invalidate a Will.

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